Track not playing and keeps jumping to next track

Played a 24/192 album from start to finish. After that it played one local 16/44.1, followed by a Tidal track. On the next song, which is a DSD64 music, downsampled to 176kHz, it started to skip track after track. Selecting a new album produced the same results, songs loaded and skipped to next song without playing.

I’m using Devialet with AIR3.0b on a Mac Mini as RoonBridge.

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Uninstalled AIR3.0, do a thorough cleanup of residuals on the Mac, reboot, and re-install AIR3.0, and Roon plays again. Looks like it is more of an AIR3.0 driver issue. Will keep monitoring.

Might be related to this:

Hmm, you may be right. It does look similar. In any case, I will keep monitoring.