Track Numbers in ARC

I’ve posted in Feature Request but not received an answer so I’m trying here.

Currently ARC does not display track numbers is this due to it being new and just not added yet or is it deliberate?

As knowing the track number is one of the basic things one needs to know when playing an album as important as the song title (IMO) I hope it gets added soon.

Can a developer please let us know if track numbers will be added because if it’s not going to be added there’s little point in using the software and I’ll continue using what I currently use.


What do you use for Arc, a Mobile phone I assume.
Do you use the same mobile phone as a Roon Remote?
And if so do you see track numbers there on the phone when used as a Roon remote?

Yes I use ARC on an Android mobile, never used Roon Remote on the mobile, does it matter as they are 2 different apps or are they linked, should I install Remote? I’ve read in the forum Remote doesn’t show track numbers either is this not correct?

There is your feature request for track numbers in ARC and several other, older ones for track numbers in the usual remote on phones.

Apart from adding [on roadmap] to feature suggestions they have decided on, Roonlabs rarely/never comments on future features, so most likely you have to wait and see. The fact that the older one for the regular remotes was not implemented yet might be a hint, or not - maybe you find comments in these threads on what they think about it.

They were there in 1.7 on phones and disappeared in 1.8, so it’s a bit inconclusive :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, what I don’t understand is why track numbers is a feature that needs to be added, it’s basic information that’s been part of every format and playback system ever, it’s not like it takes a lot of space and as it seems to have been left off deliberately what is the logic behind it?

I don’t know what the logic is, whether it was deliberately removed in 1.8, or if it’s a bug. Maybe someone from Roon said something on the older threads - you’d have to check

I meant…you don’t see track numbers in regular mobile phone Roon Remote use so I would not expect to see them in Roon Arc either…
However what Roon does or does not decide to do in the future is as always kept close to their chest.
I don’t know why they dropped track numbers from 1.8 onwards but as I only play albums from start to finish it never bothered me one bit.

It’s been over a year now with new features added to ARC but still missing basic display information like track numbers and song length, I just fail to see why this just isn’t displayed why it’s something that needs to be requested to be implemented, it’s basic information that should be displayed like title & artist, every other software player, hardware player, medium (LP, cassette, CD etc.) I’ve ever used or seen displays track numbers.

The developers are doing good work but I’d really love an explaination as to why this information is deemed not important to display? We see number & length on the track list screen on the destop app, although it would be good to also see track number on now playing & queue as well and the same in ARC would be fantastic.

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