Track numbers missing after 1.8 update

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere :slightly_smiling_face:
Since the 1.8 update there are no track numbers displayed against tracks on iOS 14.4 (iPhone 11). On Windows 10 they can be set to display under Settings->General->Browsing Preferences via show track numbers on album page. This option doesn’t appear on my iPhone.

Any idea if this is a bug or an intended feature for the iOS port of Roon?


I believe that track numbers were removed from the phone interfaces both iOS and Android.

This is intended behaviour on small screen devices, e.g. your iPhone. On larger displays there is an option under Settings > General to show track numbers.

Thanks for the update - I guess the rational is those with small devices don’t care what track number they’re listening to. Seems to be an illogical move given the amount of screen real estate they took up.

I think it’s more about space. My preference is no numbers so I’m not missing this. YMMV

The same issue exists on Android. I strongly prefer to see track numbers in the mobile interface! I hope this option comes back soon.


I strongly support the request to have track number back on phone UI. It is unbelievably hard to go to a certain track in a 6 hour one disc album, which has just been released with Karajan.
Please let us have them back as an option at least.


I would also like to be able to see the track numbers while scrolling down an album. Please make it available as an option in the mobile app as well!

There is an open feature suggesting thread where you can vote:

Oops that’s for playlists