Track randomly mutes for few seconds

Roon Core Machine

Antipodes EX software 2.7.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP > Uptone EtherRegen > fibre > Mikrotik CRS 305 (router) > EX > Mikrotik mAP lite > wifi > Devialet Pro

This has outstanding sound quality.

Connected Audio Devices

See above. Only Devialet Pro.

Number of Tracks in Library

None stored locally, all streamed from Tidal. Most are in playlists, the library is small.

Description of Issue

Once every 2-3 hrs the track randomly mutes for few seconds, but the duration continues on roon app and the wifi connection is maintained uninterrupted.

I also ocassionally get very minor clicks and extremely short interuptions.

No error messages.

This might be the Devialet, or roon.

As mentioned in your other support thread, please try simplifying your network setup.

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Hey @Dale_Bastin,

As @Martin_Webster has mentioned, please try simplifying your setup and make sure your core is hardwired directly to your router, and let me know if your issue persists.

If it does, please write down a few timestamps of your issue (date and time) and share them here.


This problem has been occurring for a lot longer than the stuck in crash loop issue.

This problem has occurred regardless of what the network has been.

The network is quite simple really: the EtherRegen serves as a FMC, the CRS 305 is the necessary router, there is hard wire from router to Antipodes EX, and the Antipodes EX has a built in switch on its motherboard and is reliable. I have previously used a different WAP, (before the mAP lite) and the wifi to Devialet Pro has never had an issue. Also, if the wifi or network dropped out, the Devialet and/or core would disconnect and the remote app would show no audio zone or searching for core.

Therefore I don’t believe the network is a logical place to start investigating. But I will try wired connection from EX to the Devialet.

What are the other possibilities?

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