Track skipped in album -not in Roon

Just imported a 2 CD set of Star Trek, the Motion Picture. It was a limited edition set. It imported perfectly except it dropped the last track, called ‘end titles’. It’s track 21. I don’t know how to get Roon to recognize it. The track is in the folder residing with the test of the tracks on the Roon Nucleus. It’s not in skipped tracks in the library. So what do do?My Bluesound Ripper got all the tracks. So to sum up, the missing track 21, on disc 2 is sitting on the roon server, but it doesn’t show up in the album listening.


The first thing I would do is to see if it is in the library just mis-identified as something else. Go to Tracks, and in the Path section click the Focus Icon, (filter), and then type in some unique identifier for the storage location of the album, like “trek”, and then revise until you have just the tracks in that folder location.

Is the “End title” track there, but, mis-identified?

The track is in it’s folder on the server… it just doesn’t appear in the Roon app, and doesn’t playback of course. Seems like there out to be a way to simply drag and drop the track where I want in the Roon interface. It’s a pretty obscure limited release, and Roon seems to be trying to force it int the metadata on a similar earlier release with different tracks… and it misses just this one.


I’m sorry but, I don’t understand if you did what I suggested you do. This is not about whether the OS sees the file in the directory, this is about whether Roon does. By using the Tracks page and filtering on the directory, you can see exactly what tracks that Roon thinks is in that directory, no matter how Roon has identified them.

Roon could have identified that track as a completely different album. This way you can tell for sure, whether Roon actually sees the file in the directory or not. The answer to that will determine what to try next.

This is a FAQ you might want to review:

The steps I’m suggesting is following the last bit first at the bottom of the page. Verifying whether the import happened via Path.

Confirming The Import

If you’re still having trouble finding a file in Roon, it’s worth checking to see if the file was imported but misidentified, or added to the wrong album. You can confirm whether a file was imported by checking the Skipped Files list, or by looking up the file by path.

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Am not near the equipment now, but will try when I return home. Thanks for the suggestions…

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I re-ripped the CD, and this time Roon figured it out. Not sure why. All good now, and I appreciate the feedback.

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