Track skipping - investigation

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

ROCK Version 1.0 (build 219)/ Intel NUC 8i5/ Version 1.7 (build 571)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Huawei B535-232 Router - Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Ropiee XL on RPi4 - USB

Description Of Issue

Listening to tracks via TIDAL is often unusable for the amount of times that tracks will skip. I can start listening to an album/ playlist and at some point (i.e. after a couple of tracks, or half-way through) it’ll get 10 seconds or so into a track then just skip to the next one. I then have to re-start it from the track it skipped and it plays ok, before doing the same thing on the next track.

It’s driving me crackers and I’d really appreciate someone taking a look at this! Thanks.

I’d be grateful if someone could take a look at this…

Hello @norliss, and thanks for your report. Could you please try temporarily lowering the streaming quality under “Settings>Services>TIDAL” to CD quality and see if you get less skips? Generally, this could be an issue with your network or a specific endpoint, so I’d also recommend playing to system output of your core or remote to see if this helps. Please let me know!

I will do as you suggest, of course. Although it’s worth saying that more often than not this happens on CD quality files.

The other issue I often experience is that after a track in an album/playlist has finished, it seems to struggle to start playing the next one. Sometimes there’s a delay of several seconds, other times it seems stuck and I have to clear the playlist, wait, then manually start the album/playlist from that track.

I changed the settings from Master to HiFi and just had my first skip of the day on the third track of an album (it is only 16/44.1 in any case).

Is there any way you can enable diagnostics to see what you think is causing this?

Hello @norliss, I can! Was there any difference when playing to system output? Also, could you please reproduce the issue one more time and reply here with a timestamp (your local time) and the name of the track that skipped? From there, I can enable diagnostics.

Not sure I understand the question? In any case I haven’t been listening much over the past few days but I just put on Palimpsest by Lauren Bousfield and got a skip almost instantly at 19:24 UK time. Do you want me to update you with timestamps of other skips when they happen?

The infamous Tidal skipping problem is most often related to networking issues. Looks like your router is for cell phone network access - if so, that could well explain some of your issues. More detail on the network setup would help to understand what is going on.

Another skip at 21:19 (track 18 - Rock Hunting) whilst listening to The Doll Squad by Nicholas Carras.

Hello @norliss, and thanks for the timestamps. Looking over the modem documentation, this could be an issue with the 4G connectivity on it.

Have you seen this issue occur when you only play local content? If you don’t have any, you can download a few samples from the 2L Test Bench

Hi - truthfully I can’t honestly remember if I’ve ever had skips (such as I’ve described above) with local content or not. However I have experienced occasions where an album will be playing and after a track has finished, it is unable to carry on and play the next track, requiring me to stop, clear the queue and restart from that track.

Just had another skip at 11.37 whilst listening to a Jazz Playlist from Tidal. Started to play Hi-Fly from Randy Weston & his African Rhythms Trio and skipped almost instantly to the next track.

Thanks for the timestamp @norliss! I’ll get this info over to the team.

Another skip at 15:07 whilst listening to The Masquerade is Over on the Blues Walk album by Lou Donaldson via Tidal. And again at 15:14 and 15:21 whilst listening to Play Ray and Autumn Nocturne on the same album.

Hello @norliss, and thanks for your patience while the team looks at this issue. Our QA team asked if you could please try playing TIDAL tracks through their desktop app and let me know if these issues are present there too?

Also, the latest ROCK build is 227, could you please run the update, reboot and let me know if this improves performance? Thanks!

Hi - sorry I haven’t replied. I am up-to-date with Roon versions and not experienced any skipping of late but I’ve barely been using Roon & listening to music much over the past couple of weeks! I shall update you if/when I experience any more skipping.

I’ve used the Tidal desktop a number of times in the past but never experienced any track skipping via that.

Hello @norliss, I’m glad you haven’t been experiencing skips! But yes please let me know if you notice another skip and reply here with a timestamp of when. I’d be happy to get more info back to the QA team so we can check it out.

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