Track Skipping, Queue mishandling, Crossfade Issues

Hi Tom,

OK…I am playing some of your tracks. Thanks for the link. No issues at all. This suggests it is something in your setup.

Roon doesn’t use a Roon mp3 decoder for reasons of mp3 licencing. Instead, it uses the mp3 decoder that is built into the OS. I have a hunch that your mp3 decoder may be at fault.

I’ll send you back a folder to try. Let’s see what happens with that as it will rule out anything with your ripping or encoding.

@vova, @mike
You might want to check this one out


Thanks for the feedback. I have added the sample tracks you sent to Roon and the group has started to play. Track 1 transitioned to Track 2 with no problems. Track 1 played to the end, there was a moment of silence and then Track 2 appeared and began to play.

Just to be clear. The problem tracks in my collection, when selected to play individually, play fine. It’s when a group of my MP3 tracks are queued to play in sequence that problems occur. The current track pauses near the end, there is a momentary pause in audio, the transport clears, and for the briefest of time the next track starts. Then it immediately stops, skips that track and sometimes the next one, then plays the next track.

The screen recorder movie in included in the Dropbox link shows this. I purposefully moved the play point forward to speed up what happens at the very end and very beginning of each track.

Track 2 of the sample album you send has transitioned to Track 3 with no problems.

Also, take a look at my history here. You notice that back in May & June I was having problems with the number of “Corrupt” files Roon was reporting in my collection. I no longer have that number of Corrupt files being reported - I suppose a Roon revision took care of this. Am I right?

Track 3 of the sample has transitioned to Track 4. No problems. Nice music too.



Hello @dbtom2, can you send Dropbox links, mentioned in the above posts, to me or @mike (over PM).So we can help you with the issue.


I mirrored your movie in my setup here. No issues at all like you are seeing.

That the files I sent you are fine, it must be something about your files and setup.

I’m a bit stuck for further ideas. If converting to another format solves it then that maybe be the right move. It will remove anything slightly odd with your original MP3 encoding. Set a batch convert running overnight and you’re done.

The Roon guys may still want to examine your sample data to see if they can spot what exactly is up with it.