TRACK TAGS....please?

Where are the track tags including playlists a track is in?? They’re gone.

Please. Just bring back the damn track tags and playlists. I can deal with bugs as long as they’re fixed in a reasonable timeframe. The new UI is pretty nice.

But when a core feature is removed with no warning and no explanation and for absolutely no discernable reason, after I just paid the hefty annual renewal fee - that’s when I get testy.

Please. Just. Bring. Back. Track. Tags.

They have indicated they will make a change in this area:

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Yay! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks yes I stumbled across that just after I posted this. Great news! Still a bit baffled as to why they actually thought ripping out that functionality was a good idea, but if it’s reinstated soon, all will be well.