Track title display inconsistency?

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Nucleus, 1.8 (build 764)

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Background: I would like to use my metadata at times. The album described below is one example. I repeatedly edit to select “Prefer file” for the track title (see first image). And hit save. Upon checking the flag has been reset. :frowning:

So no matter what I’ve tried, so far, I appear to get Roon’s titles.

So I decide to just listen to the darn thing and fight another day. And lo my preferred titles show up. But, you knew there had to be a but, only in the Now Playing area.

So how do I get my preferred titles to display everywhere?

Track title is not the same as WORK/PART titles of a multi-part composition. Preferring track tiles from files is futile in this situation. Read also:

If you really prefer to see track titles for multi-part compositions, you can disable multi-part composition grouping on a per album basis (Album Editor, Edit Album at the bottom).

Confusing to this old man but the information I needed. Thank you.

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Hey @Jan_Erik_Neun,

Thanks so much for creating such a detailed post of the behavior you were experiencing. We can only thank @BlackJack for his providential intervention. I wish we would have been around sooner for you - sorry about the delay :pleading_face: