Track title doesn't show specific remix version


I find that more often than not the remix version is missing from (digital) singles. That makes choosing the right version nearly impossible. Example:

I would expect something like this:


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Not using Tidal, but is it shown correctly in their app at all?
If not, they’re not supplying the info, but you may manually EDIT the information in Roon.
If yes, Roon doesn’t pick it up and you may just manually EDIT the information in Roon.

This issue exists since years. The probably latest official reply:

For file based libraries one can always change the import settings to prefer track titles from file instead of Roon.

The information is correct in the TIDAL app. This really makes me rethink my intention to switch from Squeezebox/Logitech Media Server to Roon. I’m not looking forward to edit all my hundreds of CD singles again in Roon to show my meticulously added tags from my local files/library. :cry:
I was under the impression that Roon should make life easier, not add more tagging problems…

Hey @Dennis_Mutsaers,

Thank you for getting in touch with us about what you’re seeing. I’m happy to report that work is underway to provide more detailed track version displays in Roon. We have some things in store we think you’re going to like.

I’m not able to say exactly when they’ll be released because there are a few other BIG feature requests that are being prepped for roll-out soon. But remix and other track version details are definitely on the way. :boom:

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