Track title preference is ignored in Queue

Hi @support

Looks like Queue ignores track title preference that I set for an album. Here is a song list with “Prefer File” option for tracks of an album:

And here is a queue:

You can see that track title case is different - because I’ve set track title preference to “Prefer File” but this is not working in Queue - is still shows Roon title. Edits to track titles are ignored too.
Hope this can be fixed soon. Roon Core and Client versions are 1.3 build 204

Hi @vladimirkl ---- Thank you for the report, we are looking into this on our end and once we have some feedback we will be sure to follow up with our findings.


Issue is still reproducible in 208 build in a strange way - track titles from newly added albums are rendered wrong in Queue while track titles from older albums rendered correctly. Still hope for a fix. I don’t want to see Roon track titles at all - unfortunately they often have mistakes.

Moonchild, Seventh son of a seventh son, I was thinking Rory Gallagher, not Iron Maiden, just checked and alas they are not covers. 2 great Gallagher songs and well worth checking out


@Eric, it seems that I’ve found a cause of this issue after additional investigation: Queue shows composition titles - not track titles. This is absolutely wrong. First of all composition names are created from Roon titles and I don’t see easy way to change this. Second tracks names in single composition often have suffixes like “(live)”, “(bonus track)” and I don’t see them in Queue.

Please confirm that this is a bug and I don’t miss anything.

@Eric, did you find the cause of the issue? I posted initial problem 12 days ago and it’s not fixed even in 209 build.

Hey @vladimirkl – we took a look at this, and I think we understand the issue. The real underlying problem is this [quote=“vladimirkl, post:5, topic:21753”]
composition names are created from Roon titles and I don’t see easy way to change this

Compositions aren’t actually “created from Roon titles” – the represent rich contextual data about the tracks based on what we know from our metadata providers about the its composers, it’s composition date, and the other recordings of the composition in your local library and on TIDAL. I understand you want to just hide this away, but as you’ve mentioned, editing of composition titles isn’t yet available in Roon.

I think there may be a better way here, which will allow you to get accurate track titles and still have access to the composition data and links. Can you go into the edit screen for this album and click Identify?

On the screen above, you should be able to confirm that your version of the album matches Roon’s metadata – make sure the track names match on both sides, and rearrange if they don’t. You can also use the arrows under the cover to find the version of the album that best matches your edition.

Once your tracks are matched correctly to Roon’s track level metadata, I think this should all be accurate here.

We have heard some requests lately to allow for people to edit, disable, or configure queue handling of compositions. We haven’t made any decisions in these areas, but we have heard the feedback. I know this seems like a simple case, but there are many many cases we need to consider, and for now I’ll just say that composition browsing is a big part of Roon and the app is still going to work much better overall if you match your files to the right metadata, even if you’re not interested in browsing 7 covers of Moonchild. :slight_smile:

Lastly, it’s possible that I’ve misunderstood the issue here – if that’s the case, could you upload the album somewhere like Dropbox, and PM me a link so I can take a look? Thanks @vladimirkl!

Actually, rereading this thread, I may have misunderstood – I thought you were getting incorrect track titles (meaning they were out of order or wrong). If this is about the capitalization, then yes, there’s no way to fix this right now, since compositions can’t be edited (yet).

That said, there may be an issue here related to the queue display, since single-part compositions should use the track titles, as you suggested – we are going to look into that.

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@mike The issue is that I get correct track titles everywhere except Queue. Queue shows composition title instead of track title. Just look at this:

As you see track names in Queue are different from album track list - brackets are square instead of round. This is because these names are actually composition names. So this is a cause of issue. Other places on now playing screen show correct titles

@mike, is it possible to fix Queue - so that it will show track names like any other now playing controls?

@vladimirkl We are tracking this with an internal ticket. Subject to confirmation, it appears that there is a bug in the presentation. We’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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