Track Title problem

I ripped a disc, Roon finds no matches for the disc, so I’m entering artists, titles, etc… manually. It’s a classical work with multiple movements.

I “Edit track” and enter the title of the work followed by a colon and then enter the title of the movement. I do that three times with the the title of the work staying constant and the title of the movement changing each time.

When I complete this task for each of the three movements and view the album, the title of each movement shows correctly, but the title of the work is entirely different from what I typed at the beginning of each of the three movement titles. I go back and look at the three tracks and the work title is correct but it is wrong when I look at the album view.

I can’t understand why this is happening. Any advice???

Hi Eric - could it be that Roon ‘identifies’ the album after you have given it some improved metadata to start with ? I often find that an unidentifiable rip or download becomes identified after I have edited the title ( usually to remove the artist’s name).