Track titles correct in Tidal but incorrect in Roon

Album: Mozart: String Quintets Nos 3 and 4
Artist: Alban Berg Quartet and Markus Wolff

The track titles for this album are correct when viewed in Tidal, but are incorrect in Roon, where the titles for tracks 2 and 3 are reversed: track 2 (8:25 duration) should be labeled “Andante” while track 3 should be labeled “Menuetto & Trio (Allgretto)”, as they are labeled in Tidal.

This is a piece where the middle movements are sometimes played in different orders, so it seems that Roon is pulling metadata that shows the more common order of the movements (with the Menuetto and Trio first, followed by Andante), rather than the order in which they appear on this particular album.

Any suggestions for how I can fix this?

This is a good example where the editing features in roon are different depending on whether the content is local or streamed.

If you have a local copy then it is easy to swap the names of the movements either in a 3rd party tag editor or you can do it in roon by clicking on the 3 dots next to the track and editing the movement name:

But, this will not necessarily work with streamed content (Qobuz or Tidal). Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case it doesn’t. I have never been able to work out the pattern. @support, why is roon not respecting a track title edit in this case? It is not an isolated example. I find it quite frequent that I would like to be able to do small edits like this. It is just impractical to make continual requests to roon to have TiVO make these edits at source. There are just so many of them and I gave up making such requests a long time ago.

BTW. You might be interested to know that EMI themselves got it right on the back cover but got it wrong in the booklet. That is probably the source of all the confusion:

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