Track - ‘View file info...’ missing location directory path

So when debugging a playback or metadata issue of a track stored in thr local library, one of the very useful attributes of Roon was it gave you the file path directory structure to the file.
In 1.8, when you select ‘View file info…’ you just get the storage location and not where within that location the file is stored.

You get this information for the version of the album

, so the code that is resolving and displaying directory structure within the storage location, just needs to copied out to the ‘View file info…’ request.

So it seems the information is there, but the pop-up is not displaying all the information, and a scroll is need to display this (on iOS 14.4, iPad Pro 9.7 landscape, and Windows remote). However there is no visual indicator shown to indicate the scroll.
Improvement to the UI please, to show this.

I was about to say that it was there for me. Yes, there are several instances where a scroll indicator is needed.