Track View Issues


Just got my ELAC Discovery and have to say that I’m not impressed by the way Roon handles TAGS from files and sort data.

  1. Go to track view and select ALBUM from the drop down menu in the right side, then you get COMPOSER (Some songs have a lot, and the view is totally messed up) and then the ALBUM name.

  2. Next try adding the release date, if Roon only know the year, then the data is left aligned, if Roon also knows the date then the data is aligned in the middle.

  3. Also note how the release year ended up in the Dynamic range field.

Anyone know how to fix this? (Selecting less in SHOW COMPOSER CREDITS in the GENERAL SETTINGS, does not help)

No one else have this issue. I found a worksaround where you edit the album and remove the credits, but with more than a 1000 albums its not gonna fly.

Why do Roon mix composers tags into the album field?


Downloaded a full Roon Trial, and everything works fine here, so guess this is a Roon Essentials problem :sob: