TrackName Wrong in Roon

Rodney Crowell Collection CD shown in J River and Roon.
Note that Track 3 is misspelled in Roon metadata.

That is not a rare problem. I see this often on tracks with special characters. Many of my german albums have missing german special charachters (ä ö ü ß) in the track title. For example “Knig” instead of “König”

Yes, AE67, I am sure these errors are not unusual. I thought that we were still meant to report them. Note that in this case the problem is transposition of characters and not a problem of accented characters. Personally, I am looking forward to a future version where all meta-data comes from file tags. I can dream…

Hi Peter,

Yes, it’s a good idea to report metadata errors.

If you want to fix it now, there’s a couple of options.

Click on the 3 dots for the track and select Edit.

  1. Click the Metadata Preferences tab and beside Title, select Use File. Click Save.


  1. Click on Edit Track tab and select File for Title instead of Roon, or type whatever you want. Click Save.

Roon’s metadata guy has seen this thread and will fix it eventually, so you could also wait.

Cheers, Greg

Hey @PNCD – I see the issue, thanks for the report.

@joel and I will get this reported and fixed. Hope all’s well!