Tracks / Albums disappear after merging artists

Roon Core Machine

My Roon Core is docker based (using steefdebruijn/docker-roonserver:latest as docker image)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

The docker host machine (Linux) is on Ethernet to router, and my Mac (on MacOS 12.6.1) is connected to the local net via Wi-Fi 6.

Connected Audio Devices

I use Dragonfly Cobalt as audio device.

Number of Tracks in Library

I have 17573 tracks (Local + Tidal)

Description of Issue

An asian singer called “Reno Wang” appears in the Roon database as 4 artists named as following :

  • Chinese (Simplifed) : 王铮亮
  • Chinese (Traditional) : 王錚亮
  • (English name No1) : Reno Wang with a profile image
  • (English name No2) : Reno Wang without profile image

After merging these artists, some albums / tracks disappear.

Here are the steps to reproduce this issue (In this demonstration, I only merged 2 of the 4 artists (names)) :

  • Search the Chinese (Traditional) name 王錚亮 in Roon

  • Two artist names appear in the searching result. These names are

    • Chinese (Traditional) name 王錚亮
    • English name 1 Reno Wang (with a profile image)

    Observe the Discography under each Artist name

  • Add both artists into Roon Library by adding their music tracks / Albums to the Library.

    In this example,

    • For 王錚亮, I added 半邊山半邊海 (The first EP sorted by release date ↓)
    • For Reno Wang (with a profile image), I added 永夜(影視劇《將夜》推廣曲)

  • Get back to the searching result page (Having both artists in my library, I can now merge them)

  • Select both Artists and merge them to Reno Wang (with a profile image)

  • Compare the Discography before and after merging artists

  • Notes

    • Only the music pieces which have been added to the library before merging artists are preserved after merging.
    • All other artworks disappear.

A regretful consequence of this issue is that I can no longer discover new pieces of this artist (or discover the existing pieces)

  • Is this an normal behaviour of Roon by design ? Why ?
  • If this is an BUG, could you reproduce this issue and fix it ?

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