Tracks are loading slow errors

I am constantly getting Tidal/Qobuz track is loading too slowly on everything.

MacBook Pro core.

Have rebooted core and router several times.

Plays fine through both Tidal and Qobuz native apps.

Hi @Wayne_Bull1,

Sorry to hear about the difficulties here.
Can I please ask you to perform this test?

  • Try selecting your Core’s “System Output” zone (typically the laptop speakers)
  • Have no DSP active in this zone
  • Start playback of Qobuz content
  • Note the exact local time + date of when you notice the next issue (e.g. 3:28PM 11/22/19)

Will do Noris…Cheers

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Just played first track through of an album with no problems Noris.

I’m going to try moving my core to my hard wired Win 10 machine see if that works OK.

Sounds like something dodgy is going on with my wi-fi.

Thanks for your assistance…I’ll let you know if I have any further problems.


Same here…MacBook Pro core

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