Tracks are simply not playing

I have a similar problem. It also started this morning. Tracks are simply not playing. When you click play, it freezes and does not start the song. I have QNAP TS251+ NAS, 8GB memory, Roon db on a USB attached solid state drive, linked to a TP link network switch, ethernet to a Devialet 220 Expert Pro. I have a 200mbps fiber line. Its been like this the whole day

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Just for confirmation. I disabled and re-enabled the zone and all was good after that.

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Hey @Douglas_Henning,

I am sorry for getting back to you this late :pleading_face: - I wish it was going to be sooner.

I cannot thank you enough for trying and actually succeeding to resolve this issue while we got a chance to reply.

I hope the victory was not temporary :muscle:

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