Tracks available in Tidal but unavailable in Roon

Another bump. Juno- Mucis from the motion picture shows several tracks as being unavailable in Roon. All of them are available on the Tidal App. This thread started in Dec 2018. Can someone help?
I’ll post this in support as well.

I also continue to have issues. Roon does not include albums added in Tidal, but Tidal does add those added in Roon. Really tired and sort of given up.

This morning Tidal albums and songs in my queue show up as unavailable yet show fine in Tidal app itself. Was working fine yesterday

Hi Roon, @dylan - I’ve been wondering this since signed up for Roon. There are lots of examples I’ve come across but just assumed they also weren’t available on Tidal until I saw a few I definitely knew were. Have cross checked and was able to play them via the Tidal app. Latest example is the Ezra Furman ‘Sex Education’ soundtrack - see e.g. the song Queen of Hearts (playable on Tidal but not via Roon).


I just experienced the same. One track on album says “Unavailable” but track shows in Tidal app and plays just fine.


@support Here is another. Plays just fine in the Tidal app, but one song shows "unavalible in Roon…

David Bowie Metrobolist Tidal

Missing in Roon :sleepy:

Mine is missing also, anyone knows why and how to solve this?

Same here. I think i will hold off subscribing with roon until this gets fixed

Hello everybody. I use Roon for a little while now and I noticed that my playlists are not up to date. Are they not synchronized? For example, the Top 100 Germany in the Tidal app are new, current songs and I have the same list in Roon in my playlist, but there are completely different songs in there. Can I do or hire anything? Thank you in advance.

I have the issue too. “DJ Kicks” by Avalon Emerson is in Tidal but not in Roon. Several other DJ Kicks mix albums also missing.

Wait and see, maybe it will be fixed. Let’s see how version 1.8 behaves.

When I search Roon It only searches my Library not Tidal

I’ve cleaned up a number of posts in this thread that were related to a separate issue with TIDAL we had last night, and this thread is open again for discussion.

So this has been an issue for 2+ years and is still an issue? Started a new thread that could be merged into this to give some perspective

I’ve checked this one. The same for me. My first assumption was that Roon simply didn’t see the current (and correct) version of the album and track. But I was wrong, the album id (158296908) and track id (158296916) are the same in Tidal app and in Roon. So it’s very strange.


Two from here, same problem. @Chrislayeruk originally posted this, and I confirmed I saw the same problem. Going to take a wild guess that he’s in the UK, am in Canada so its a global issue in two ways, multiple people see the same tracks unavailable in multiple countries.

This takes the cake! 1 of 8 tracks plays via Roon, they all play on Tidal’s website.