Tracks available on Tidal but unavailable on Roon

Hi I recently started to find a lot of tracks unavailable on Roon (using Tidal) even though the tracks are available if played directly in Tidal.
Any way to fix this?
Many thanks in advance

Any specific tracks? Then we can see if it’s happening for multiple people.

Actually many tracks! I can send a screenshot later if it helps but I don’t think this is related to a specific album but it seems like a broader issue to me.

It’s really helpful in addressing the issue if you can provide specific examples.

Hi @Julien_Monguillot ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation with us. The feedback is always appreciated.

Moving forward, having some details about your setup (as seen here) would be very appreciated, as this will give us an idea of what you are currently working with :wink:

Furthermore, in regard to this behavior you are experiencing. If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend trying the following:

  1. Power cycling your equipment, networking hardware included (i.e router, switches, etc).

  2. Clearing your TIDAL cache.

  3. Log in and out of TIDAL within Roon.


Thought I’d dust this topic off.

Taylor Swift - Reputation -> shows in the New Album Tidal section in Roon. But… all songs show ‘unavailable’ .

Perfect Duet by Ed Sheeran and Beyonce was visible yesterday (and ‘unavailable’), and disappeared today.

Both available and playable in the tidal player.

Same, identical issue for me. Both items

And they’re there :slight_smile:

Not for me

Hi @thyname ----- I wanted to touch base and see if you were still experiencing the mentioned behavior. If you are, have you tried clearing your TIDAL cache yet?

Let me know and we can continue for there. Many thanks!

yes, same issue last night. I am at work to test it now.

I did force sync w/ Tidal a few times, but I have no idea how to clear the Tidal cache.

Hi @thyname ---- Please see blow on how you can clear your TIDAL cache Thanks!

  1. Quit Roon (or RoonServer)
  2. Find and open your Roon or RoonServer folder
  3. Locate and delete only the cache folder (Roon/Cache)
  4. Restart Roon


And how do I do this with my NUC w/ ROCK? That’s where my Roon Server is located. Through its web interface on iPad?

You need to use the Data folder – more information in Eric’s link above, and here.

Tidal has available The Rolling Stones’ “On Air,” but when I look up through Roon, it says “Unavailable” for all tracks. When I got to the Tidal player (same account), all tracks play fine.



We are looking into this issue @Doug_Schneider – hopefully we’re able to identify the issue soon.

Eric’s post above has a workaround that may work, so give it a try if you’re inclined and please let us know how it goes.

Thanks for everyone’s patience !

Ok, this was fixed for me when I went home. I did not have to clear any Tidal cache

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