Tracks do not show playlist they are on

I asked this question a few weeks ago and it was answered. However, the problem has reared its ugly head again now that I have moved to a new computer: tracks do not show if they have been added to a playlist. The previous solution was to go to Settings > General > Browsing and enable ‘Show playlists on album page’. But this option no longer appears! See screenshot below:

Your screenshot shows the option, but you have not switched it to “Yes”. These settings are for the device you are using to view them with - so that you can have different devices with different settings, if you wish.

The default for these Album Page Preference settings is “No”; so if you are now using a new computer with Roon, that is what you will start with. Just set the ones you want to “Yes” for this new computer.

I must be going blind but I do not see it, or do you mean “Show playlist links”?

Yes - that is the setting you want.

Congratulations Roon for making what was clear just that little bit more obscure (and thank you Geoff!).

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