Tracks don't start playing from Tidal without pressing pause and play (Chromecast Audio) [Resolved - B778]

Hi Folks,
Same here, noticed this about a week ago, I have the same problem since 610. CCA would not start playing, no sound, play animation is active, tracks loaded into queue, progress bar doesn’t move, needs to be toggled pause/play to start a track. This is strange behaviour is repeatable when playing is “hung-up” this way. Behaviour is present in iOS remote and windows10 remote. I have taken videos of this as well if anyone is interested.

Nothing in my system has changed (network or audio) in almost 2 years and I have had no problems with CCA in the past until now.


I have the exact same issue with my CCA.

I have exactly the same issue as everyone here, and apologise for mentioning it in a different thread instead of here first, but didn’t come across this one immediately :slight_smile:

I would only add that it is FAR worse with internet radio than with Roon Radio (though that is still bad), and of course other Android apps (TuneIn, KCRW) have no problem connecting to the Chromecasts in my house, either singly or in groups…

misery loves company…ugh. Just glad the toggle pause to play works. But often I just pull up the Tidal app, especially if I have guests and don’t want to take time fiddling with roon.


Same situation here. Just bought an CCA looking and I was looking forward to having some music in the bedroom, but run into the same problem. It doesn’t matter if I run my local music or Qoobuz. If I understand correctly it was working before? Hope this gets fixed soon.

Hi everyone,

We appreciate your patience as we’ve looked into this issue. We have a ticket open with our team about this and, while I can’t provide any specific timelines for a solution, our team is actively working on this and we’ll be sure to provide an update on this as soon as we can.


Yes! It has worked great until last build.


Thank you for this information and the good news. Looking forward to start using Roon again.


Just to add I have helped @norris with this issue, any testing please let me know. Happy to look and send logs of that helps.

Hopefully a fix for the next release.

Is there any diagnostics I can do on the CCA?

+1 on this issue. Having the same problems.

Also on CCA+Tidal - using Google Wifi Mesh from Core to CCA.

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For what it’s worth, me too on this issue. Sincerely hoping for a quick fix.

Just wanted to add my name to the list. Exactly the same problem with CCA. Never had it before.

Is there any news on this topic? I have three CCAs and now can’t use any of them (at least not without serious irritation).

+1 from me. I’m on 14 day trial period since yesterday and I’m seriously considering roon subscription, but this issue (if not solved) will probably keep me from it.

Yes Mikolaj, it’s about the same for me going into a new subscription period in beginning of november and with this issue i am definitly waiting until it’s fixed. I did consider buying a lifetime subscription for Roon next month, but when a bug takes this long time fixing i will keep it from year to year.

I was very pleased to use Roon before last build with zero issues for almost 10 month. And now 2 month with same problem.


My issue exactly as Jonas, issue with 16bit only through either tidal or server.

MQA and 24bit play ok

All started with last update. I won’t renew my subscription if not fixed unfortunately

Is anyone from Roon going to update us on this issue?


I have cancelled my Roon subscription now as it was about to get renewed tomorrow. This is taking way to long time fixing without any more feedback that problem is found and corrected in next build.

Best regards

Same problem for me. Have some fix please?

Gapless is intermittent on Chromecast Audio and Sonos for me

If if decide I want to skip forward or backward it seems to break - if I let the album play continuously it sometimes works

Can we not roll back to a working version?

Would like to nudge gently too. It’s a bit of a nuisance and if there is a fix on the way it wouldn’t hurt to give us a bit of an overview.