Tracks failed to load

Hi there,

I use Roon since some days (still in trial mode) with Qobuz.
Everything was fine but today I have an error message while playing music.
“Playback was interrupted because tracks failed to load”.

I have checked by Qobuz account, OK.
But I cannot play any music anymore.

I tried to figure out where the Roon logs were located without success.

Would someone have some clue on how to solve this issue?


Have you re booted your Roon Core as a first step.

Hi Chris.
Thanks. I use my Macbook as a standalone. I followed your advice and have proceed with a reboot it.
Not better.
When I start Roon, here’s an ugly red message box which open / close fast and I cannot read the message.

Without any apparent reason, it works now. :roll_eyes:

Don’t you just hate it when that happens :joy: Glad you have music back

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