Tracks/Focus selection(s)/(results)/Play From Here?

In Tracks, after choosing Focus and getting the results; is there a way to scroll down into the results and then Left click on a track and get the option to Play From Here (like how it can be done within a Playlist)?

I haven’t found a way to do this. But thought I would ask, in case I missed it. I’m setting Focus parameters on Tracks; within the results, I’m selecting tracks I want to put in a Playlist.

My Reason For This Question:
Because I’m scrolling and scanning through thousands of tracks, sometimes I don’t recognize the track by name, so I need to hear it.

At the beginning of an album’s series of tracks, it would be handy to use the Next button to play each track in sequence, or to rapidly use Next to quickly scroll track-by-track, stopping at the next track, I want to hear.