Tracks from Tidal to Roon

When i am on Tidal i see the individual songs i chose under tracks. When im on Roon i cant seem to get those same songs When i choose tracks.

Hey @Todd_Lefkovic,

Just to clarify, are these tracks not showing in Roon at all once added to your TIDAL account, or are you just having trouble seeing them?

From the Tracks browser you can use Focus to select only TIDAL tracks, and you can also then sort by Date Added to you can easily find the most recently added TIDAL tracks. See my screenshot below:

Alternatively, are you not seeing recently favorited TIDAL content in Roon? If it’s very recently added you may need to go to TIDAL form Roon’s menu and choose the sync option:

If you have any other questions about finding your TIDAL content in Roon please let us know!