Tracks in library 'unavailable' to playlists after move to Nucleus

Equipment: Core Nucleus rev B installed this week with all files migrated to a 2TB SSD in the case. Connected via ethernet.

Migration from a PC-based Core to Nucleus seemed to go well. I did a final backup on the PC, sent that to Nucleus, then copied the audio files via ethernet to Nucleus. Running great!

However, today I went to clean up my playlists. Maybe 10% of tracks in playlists are marked Unavailable. Odd, because if I tap on the album on the Playlist listing for those songs the album comes up and plays properly. In other instances if I do that it says The Album was not found. But, If I go back to Library it is there. Is there something I need to do to trigger a re-indexing so these breakages repair?

Also, in Library Maintenance it says it can “Clean up 41,165 files that are not associated with a storage location”. Odd, since it says I only have 32,970 tracks, which sounds about right (not 73,000 tracks). Is this part of the problem?

It sounds like it is. DO NOT CLEAN UP THE LIBRARY as you may permanently remove edits and playlists. Can you post a pic of your storage locations?

Hi @nealsal,

Please post a screenshot of your Roon Settings -> Storage tab so that we can take a look to see if there is a mis-configuration there, this is what the storage screen looks like for reference:

Where were the files saved before? Were they on a NAS or on the PC’s hard drive?

My original Core on a PC watched a number of music folders on that PC’s ‘E’ drive. To do the move I put all the folders into a single Roon Music folder, then sent that folder to Nucleus via ethernet.

Pic of my PC monitor showing original source path…

Hi @nealsal,

Thanks for providing that additional info. The storage tab looks as expected to me.

Let’s focus on one of these unavailable tracks, can you please locate it in the playlist, right click it and then press the 3-dot drop down menu next to play now -> View File Info and post a screenshot of what you see there for the file info?

I’ll also add that app response times are often slow now. Discover can take 10 seconds to render. 8-10 to open an artist selection. Bad! I have 100 MIPS service and backups are scheduled for 3:00AM so not a factor.

Hi @nealsal,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. That’s very strange, I’m not seeing a path to the files under the unavailable ones. It looks like this “Bass Demo” playlist contained a mix between TIDAL and local tracks is that correct? Are you still able to locate “Computer Machine.FLAC” on your NAS drive?

Correct on the mix of library and streaming. Yes Computer Machine is still on my PC hard drive (network share, not NAS ).

Hi @nealsal,

Apologies for the mix up, I meant on the Nucleus Internal Storage in that case, since you have transferred all your files here and the PC storage location is not active anymore.

Are you able to manually locate “Computer Machine” on the Nucleus SSD? If so, can you please share a screenshot from Windows Explorer to the file “Computer Machine.FLAC”?

Hi- sorry for the delay in this discussion- been dealing with other things but this is important to me. Still same problem- FLAC files on the 2TB NAS I installed in Nucleus are still showing Unavailable in Roon playlists I created (e.g. Bass Demo). When I tap the album from the playlist I get “This album was not found” but when I select the Artist, the album is there and plays normally.

Noris- I can’t seem to get Nucleus showing up as a network device on my Win10 machines, even though it is acting normally and I can play songs from Nucleus via the HDMI connection to my stereo. So, I can’t get a view into it to locate Computer Machine.

I was successful just now in adding a new Network Share to Roon so that Nucleus will monitor new music downloads from a drive on my MediaCenter PC, so clearly the network connection is viable…

POSSIBLE SOLVE: Reflecting on this, I think when I moved my Core from a PC with e.g. Computer Machine on the D: drive to a Nucleus SSD Internal Storage, Roon is failing because it is not finding Computer Machine on the original D: path. I can add the song now in Roon and it successfully adds to the bottom of my Bass Demo playlist.

So the question is - is there a way for Roon to remap from the old D: location to the Nucleus internal storage location, or do I have to fix every song ‘by hand’?

When you setup the Nucleus, disable the internal storage, and then Edit the old storage location to the new internal storage location.

Review this old post of mine, details it better

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Hi @nealsal,

As @Rugby mentioned, you can set the path in Roon Settings -> Storage, but I don’t see your storage locations pointing to the old D: drive anywhere:

Have any of the missing playlist files perhaps not been copied over to the internal storage?

Thanks- I solved it the hard yet lazy way. Went to the Unavailable cuts and re-added them to the playlist from their new location.


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