Tracks in queue being skipped [fixed]

Thought I’ve been seeing this, but hadn’t paid close enough attention to be sure until tonight. I read some other threads, but it looks as though it might take some help from the crew to sort this out. Tracks of a couple of different formats [ALAC and variable bit rate mp3 (I know, I know, but they are older files that I don’t have access to in another form)] are not identified in Roon as corrupt, but get skipped in the queue. When I access those tracks specifically, Roon has correctly identified the album, I can ask Roon to play the track, it says ‘playing 1 track’, but nothing plays. Is there a way for me to figure out how many tracks this is affecting? I have 9 corrupt tracks in my library that are identified by the software, and I know I’m not talking about those. Thanks!

edit: I can add AAC files to the list as well, purchased by another family member from iTunes, no DRM, however.

Sorry to bump my own post, but now that I’m paying attention, Roon won’t play many, many of the files in my library. The files appear to be mostly those in my iTunes library. My library is on an external drive, the files play fine in iTunes. They are a mix of ALAC and AAC, with the odd mp3 thrown in. All of my FLAC files, on the same drive, but not in the iTunes library, seem to play fine. Any help would be appreciated, feeling like I’m missing out on my music!

Hey @kneville – can you zip up a couple files that fail to playback and PM me a link via Dropbox or similar? If you don’t have anywhere to upload them, let me know and I’ll send you a way to upload them directly to us.


Sent you a pm a few minutes ago, thanks!

edit: Tracks now play, current theory is that a DAC reboot did the track, will keep an eye on it. Thanks to @mike for the assist! Great support, as always!