Tracks misspelled

System: Win10 Pro x64, Roon 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit)

I have a 17-CD compilation of Schubert Lieder. On disc 7, various tracks are misspelled (see below). I suspect that the misspelling originally came from misspelling of the associated .flac files. In trying to correct errors, I have deleted and copied back the concerned directories multiple times, and it seems that Roon “remembers” original track names (which are misspelled) and does not use the latest track names. Consider, for example, tracks 4-16, shown by Roon as “Lider Nach Gedichten Von Johann Marzhofer.” That should be shown as “Lieder Nach Gedichten Von Johann Marzhofer.” And, further, consider track 9, shown as “Beib Winde D669,” which ought to be “Beim Winde D669.”

How do I get Roon to display the correct names?



It seems that Roon isn’t (necessarily) interested in the file name. Using MP3Tag, I changed the Title tag and got what I wanted, that is, corrected spellings of tracks.

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