Tracks not available in TIDAL [Answered]

I’m a fairly new subscriber to ROON and TIDAL.
Since my TIDAL trial period expired and my Premium subscription started, every time I try to play a track I get the message, “TIDAL: This track is not currently available from TIDAL.”
I can log into my TIDAL account and play it, but I cannot get any track via Roon.
How do I trouble-shoot this?
It doesn’t seem to be possible to email TIDAL for customer support.

This has happened to me in the past. If you log out of Tidal in Roon and then log back in. I think you should be good to go.

Same problem here. did a logout and login but nothing happens. wanted to listen to the new Brand New Album called Science Ficiton. In Tidal App its there but not in Roon.

Hi, Is it this just this new release, are you able to play other Tidal tracks?

Yes. I can play other tracks.

Now it is available in roon!! What have you done? :slight_smile:

Personally nothing… it’s just a matter of timing.

New releases just a a liitle time (typically a 24 hours, it used to be a lot longer) to filter down from the Tidal systems to Roon’s metadata systems.

Glad you’re good to go now.