Tracks not identifying correctly when ripping Bach 333 (Deutsche Gramophon), a 222 CD set)

I’m slowly ripping all 222 CDs. When I rip discs 63-64 (the St. Matthew Passion by Gardiner) and discs 65-66 (the St. Matthew Passion by McCreesh), Roon identifies the tracks from all four discs as a single performance, not as two separate performances. Only the Gardiner shows up when I look at the performances of the St. Matthews in my library. The McCreesh can’t be searched for separately.

How do I go about separating these two commingled performances?


When two performances of the same composition follow each other (as in your case: St Matthew Passion by Gardiner followed by McCreesh), you need to tag all the tracks of the first performance by a WORKID with a given value, and those of the second performance by a WORKID with a different value. The value does not matter, as long as they differ (for ex. you could use Gardiner for the first performance, and McCreesh or the second).

I however found out by trial and error that, for this to work, all the tracks need to be tagged with WORK/COMPOSITION holding the composition names (as found in AllMusic), and PART/MOVEMENT holding the movement names (you are free to use your naming style here). This can take time to achieve, especially for long compositions like the Bach passions.

I may be wrong, but i have never been able to make the WORKID tag work without also setting WORK/COMPOSITION and PART/MOVEMENT tags. If someone could correct me, tha would be great.



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