Tracks on Linn stop one second before completion [Investigating]

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ROCK NUC i5 Roon 2.0

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Fritz!Box 6591 Cable

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within a playlist track stops 1 sec before the end when the next track has a different format or sampling rate, see the attached fotos

send this issue also to Linn Products support

ISP Modem/router>NucleusPlus >Seagate 8TB HD>LINN SELECTDSM >McIntosh C452 >Mc2700>Ipad Gen7 Remote
Suddenly today while playing a self made Playlist the tracks in the cue won’t go to next track unless I do it manually. On occasion if track is in same format as next it will crossfade as it should.
Suggestions TIA

Hi @Frank_Schulze1 & @Robert_Zinn ,

I’ve merged your two threads into one so we can have the info for this issue in one place.

We’ve seen a few reports of similar behavior before, but we haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this issue in the lab before.

I wonder if this is the missing piece here, are you able to reproduce consistently when you switch between 88.2 kHz/24-bit and 96kHz/24bit? Do the same tracks reproduce the issue each time?

This happens to me most often if I rewind the track that’s playing to hear a portion of it again some then go back to play it.

Hi Noris, yes it happens every time and every time tracks stops exactly 1sec before track end.

I used to have a Klimax DS Katalyst 2 month ago without any issue. And I have Naim muso in my studie without any issue, same network.

Here the answer of the Linn helpline:

Hi Frank,

Thank you for your e-mail

It may be that you have a previous model of DSM selected. The Organik upgrade has not yet been certified by Roon, as they have not yet completed the certification process. As it is not available, you will have selected the old Klimax model and this could result in what you’re seeing.

Once Roon have completed certification, the new Klimax Organik will be added and the full functionality will become available.

Best Regards


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