Tracks play double speed?


Anybody noticed that from time to time (happened last week 2-3 times), that when I switch the zone or pause/play a song, the tracks is played in double speed.

When I rewind the song, the speed is back to normal. It happend on a B&W with Airplay and on my iPhone.

Not a major issue, although its not truly nice on the ears. Imagine the volume is a bit louder :wink:


Hi @onesixright ---- Thank you for the insight!

I saw your report this morning and took my B&W A7 off the shelf to see if I can reproduce this behavior. It’s been over 3 hours of pausing/playing and switching zones, no issues to report :microscope:

If you happen to find a way to consistently trigger this behavior please let me know the steps to do so and I will perform some additional testing using your feedback.


Hi @eric,

Thanks for the feedback!

I will do that. It did happen on my iPhone (X) as-well, exactly same. So I don’t think its h/w (endpoint) related (my B&W is also a A7).

I have really zero experience with audio & tcp/ip (do know a bit about network-coding). I’m pretty sure it happens when switching zones or selecting zones and start/stop tracks.

Sometimes it doesn’t play (airplay issue>?), then I start fiddling with the zones (have a few here), then it suddenly plays, but double the speed (maybe triple).

My thoughts are the following…

  1. Do Roon (core) and the end-point need to negotiate something speed/clock related?
  2. Any change there is a different speed/clock used between iOS and the B&W?
  3. In case there is a clock, it might be the stream being send thinking its a different device?

I have really not a glue how audio streaming works :blush: I thought that normal DAC’s use something like a clock to sync the timing. Maybe something to check with your dev’s?

I will also check the Signal Path next time it happens. Maybe that could give a clue.

I will keep an eye out to see how to produce (I understand the frustration of bugs that are hard to reproduce, the famous needle in the haystack!). Been there, done that! :wink:

I posted it here, just to check if other run into similar issue.


Actually also happened now once my NAD M12 (with BluOS module). So that rules out its a Airplay only issue.

The signal path looked normal.