Tracks play on Qobuz app but not in Roon

Weird . . .

I am finding that when I try to some tracks on an album (currently King Tubby Dub from the Roots) they won’t play in Roon ‘tracks unavailable’ - but will play fine in the Qobuz app.

Five minutes later if I try again they play in Roon just fine!

What’s happening?


Hi @Douglas_Gunn,

I tried playing back King Tubby Dub from the Roots and it’s working fine on my end. Are you experiencing any other issues with your setup? I’m wondering if this could be networking related, please provide some more information regarding your setup using this thread as a guide and I would also suggest that you give our Networking Best Practices Guide a read.


I rebooted my ROCK and all seems to be working fine now.



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