“Tracks played are unavailable:

Core on a MacBook Pro with apple chip

Using WiFi/Ethernet - 300 plus MPS - subscribed to Tidal and Quoboz

Sonos Connect

Today I’ve gotten repeated messages when trying to play a variety of classical music which says “Tracks played are unavailable” - I cant play it, add the album to my library or add the track to a play list”

Tracks are from tidal or Qobuz or both?
How did you find the tracks?

Qobuz - Searched for Wagner - selected Robert Wagner as the Artist - went to Overtures - selected Overture to Der filegenie Hollander The Flying Dutchman. It showed “Play” as an option - when selected - it displays “Tracks played are not available” - Add to Library and Add to playlist are not highlighted. If I go to Qobuz directly I can find it and play it.

Is the core connected to internet over WiFi or is it wired? I have noticed such problem in my setup where the connectivity is over WiFi.

Thank you. That could be it. My core is currently connected via wi fi. I’ll try it with a direct Ethernet connection

Apologies for the delay, @Brian_Robbins1! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

I just wanted to check in and see if the Ethernet connection helped. We definitely recommend Ethernet over WiFi whenever possible!

Thanks for checking in. Yes, the knowledge articles that were shared with me were very helpful. I updated my MAC (current core) software and replaced my ethernet cord and that did the trick. I plan to install a nucleous when my new dedicated two channel system /listening room is ready (McIntosh equipment is delayed in production). Best, Brian

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