Tracks played at wrong bitrate on power up

Roon Core Machine

Intel NUC BXNUC10i7FNH4 16Gb RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 - WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Roon integrated with Qobuz
iPad Mini running Roon 1.8 (build 880)
Auralic Aries G1
Chord Hugo TT2 (USB)

Number of Tracks in Library

1135 Tracks

Description of Issue

Every time I power on my sound system (iPad, Auralic streamer and TT2 DAC), the first track I play is streamed to the DAC at the incorrect bitrate. This results in squealing and distortion through the speakers (Spendor D7.2). The TT2 is reporting the bitrate it is receiving is 768khz, whether this is actually the case or not is debateable. If I stop the track in Roon and hit play again, playback is at the correct bitrate and all is well. This occurs everytime the system is powered up from being shutdown. This has only occured ever since the latest updates to roon core and remote. No changes to the streaming source or DAC. I also get constant crashes of Roon on the iPad mini, although the track continues to play.

I believe Roon are looking at some reported Auralic issues that have appeared since the latest updates.

Is your Aries on the latest firmware?

Thanks for this - usually the Aries G1 will automatically update via Lightning DS. I have obviously been using Roon too much - when I checked in Lightning DS there was a firmware update that appears to have resolved the issue.

Hi, may I ask what version firmware is now on your Aries G1? Mine reports 8.0. I have not experienced the problem you mentioned, and Iā€™d like to be sure I never do!


My Aries G1 is now on version 8.0 as well, which is the latest.

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