Tracks played on Roon constantly interrupted

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

2012 Mac Pro, 3.46Ghz, 24GB Memory, Mojave/ Roon 1.7 Build.#528.

My catalog is stored on the Mac Pro. Backup is 5.94GB with 33,705 tracks.

Core Machine connects to the internet via Apple wireless router. Streamer connects to DSL modem via ethernet.


Lumin T2. Connects to DSL Modem via ethernet. DAC integrated with the streamer and connected to
Odyssey Kismet monoblocks. I run roon either from a MacBook Air or my iPhone.


Roon stops playing after a few seconds and skips to a new track which also stops. Message appears: “Tidal is loading slowing. This may indicate a network or connectivity problem”. Originally this issue would happen after I had played music for several hours. Now it happens every time I use roon. It has rendered the program unusable. I have started listening straight from Tidal via the Lumin App on my iPhone and Tidal works perfectly. I have tried resetting the DSL modem and the wireless router. Doesn’t help.

Connect the Mac pro via lan cable and see if that helps…running a core on WiFi is not recommended

Hi @Ed_Drake,

I would also suggest giving Ethernet a try, WiFi is susceptible to environmental issues (WiFi interference, congestion, ect.). Do other zones (for example “System Output”) work as expected when this issue occurs? What is your reported internet speed on or

Internet speed runs between 35 and 45 Mbps. System Output shows nothing playing. Not sure what it’s supposed to do.

I added an additional Apple Airport and plugged into the ethernet on the Mac Pro. Improved playback but not enough to make Roon usable.

I’ve used this setup for months without an issue so I don’t understand what happened unless I added too much to the library. I’m thinking about deleting tracks and see if that helps. I cannot connect the core to the DSL modem unless I hire an electrician to run an ethernet cable through the wall. Or, I would need to buy a small computer to sit close to the modem. I’m not crazy about either prospect.

Best regards,

Do you mean the additional Apple Airport acts as a WiFi access point to convert the Mac Pro Ethernet to WiFi, which connects to your Apple router WiFi?

That does not fulfill the wired path suggestion from Roon Core to Lumin.

If you have to have WiFi for that, please make sure you’re using 5GHz WiFi, not 2.4GHz. In the WiFi router, set different SSID for 5GHz and 2.4GHz, and configure your access points and WiFi clients to only connect to the 5GHz band.

Go buy a long cat 6 ethernet cable and test it properly on LAN wired. Im sure this will prove the issues is wifi. you dont need an electrician for that. Roon is a heavy network use program both when playing and just doing doing nothing in the background updating metadata!

Hi @Ed_Drake,

This kind of speed is right on the line for if it will work properly with Roon, since you have the WiFi connection, this is probably more around 15/20 Mbps over the WiFi (WiFi doesn’t have the full bandwidth capabilities as Ethernet does).

I don’t think this issue has anything to do with your library size at the moment.

I understand that it wouldn’t be a permanent setup, but if you do not have this issue when connected directly via Ethernet, then that is a great data point to have, and we would be able to make some suggestions once we know this for sure.

If you start playback to the System Output zone, it should stream the audio content to your PC’s speakers. This is a great troubleshooting tool as it would allow us to eliminate some possible sources of the issue (such as the Lumin endpoint itself).

I added an additional Apple Airport to my network and plugged it into the Mac Pro via ethernet. I always run 5GHz wifi. The perfomance has improved slightly in that it will play maybe 2 or 3 tracks before it is interrupted. I have ordered a 50ft. Cat 6 cable that is supposed to be here early next week.

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Hi @Ed_Drake,

Do let us know how the direct Ethernet connection works out. I would also advise trying the System Output test I mentioned in my last message in the meantime if you want to gather some more data on this behavior:

I got the ethernet cable Sunday and have completed several long sessions with no pauses and the system seems to sound better. With the cable, system output works fine. I can go back to wireless and try it if necessary.

I am leaning toward finding an Intel NUC and install ROCK since my wife doesn’t like the 50ft cable in the hall. I am assuming I need an i7 processor since I have 30k tracks from Tidal and I am sampling everything at DSD512. Also appears 8GB Ram and 128G M.2 is sufficient. Confused if it is necessary to add a second drive since my library is all Tidal and no ripped files. Finally I see version 8
and 10 NUCS for sale. Are they OK or should I stick to version 7? Also I see people putting their NUCs in wireless cases. Is that a significant improvement?

Thank you for your help. You guys have been great.

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Hi @Ed_Drake,

Glad to hear the new Ethernet cable is working out nicely!

ROCK is a great choice for a Roon music server, I would suggest you look over our ROCK: Getting Started guide if you haven’t already.

We list the compatible ROCK models in this article and considering you’re doing heavy up-sampling, our current recommendations would be to use a NUC8i7BEH + 8GB RAM + 128GB M.2 SSD.

No, you don’t need the second drive if you don’t wish to store local content on it. You just need 1 drive that contains the ROCK OS.

Wireless cases? If you mean to say fanless cases, then sure this would help cut down some noise that it makes, but we strongly don’t recommend using WiFi on your Roon Core, as you’ve seen there can be issues with WiFi playback in certain environments like yours.

I second noris’ suggestion. NUC8i7BEH is the best you can get now. At the time of this post, I believe ROCK does not have on-board network driver for NUC10.

Please do not use WiFi for Roon Core, as that is the root cause of the problems you had. If you mean fanless cases, you can search members’ experience here with Akasa cases.

I meant fanless.

Thanks again.

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