Tracks playing out of order

When the new ui came out I was able to click the arrow next to the first track and it would start playing that track and add the rest to the queue.

Last several days when I click the first track it does not begin with the first one. If I click to play next track it randomly plays another in the album.

What’s up with this?

Hi Paul,

What you describe is exactly what might be expected if Shuffle were toggled on. Go to the Queue screen (music stave icon in the footer) and check the Shuffle icon to the right of the large dynamic Play display. If it’s blue then toggle it off.

Thanks. That was it exactly. A bit confusing though to select a track and see it play another one.

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Yes, I think that part is unintended and I can replicate it.
I’ve put in a bug report [#17196].

My tracks are being shuffled although I’ve deflected shuffle in setup.


By ‘setup’, i assume you mean the default action in Settings > Play actions.

As @andybob says above however, the queue can be set in a shuffle state via a toggle on the queue screen:

This needs to be white (inactive) rather than blue (active) and operates independently of the play action settings.