Tracks repeat on Radio function

I’ve noticed that tracks will repeat twice on Radio. Any reason why? Annoying

I agree, sometimes it’s from a different version of an album but it is annoying.

When you say “repeat twice” do you mean one after another or within an annoyingly brief period of time ?

The first may indicate a bug as it would not be working as intended.

The second may just be a failure of the Radio algorithm to be where it should be. In the second case the devs are aware of issues about width and frequency of the Radio selections and it is slated for improvement but no time frame has been announced.

If you find Radio getting stuck on particular albums or selections then you can ban them (toggle the favourite heart icon twice). This can free up the algorithm to conduct a wider search.

One of the inputs that Radio uses is Genres. You may find that pruning excess Genres or mapping similar Genres assists in broadening the scope of Radio selections.

I have had many back to back repeats on radio. Seems to be more common on albums which I have library duplicates. One of those things I just work around.

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