Tracks shorter than 1 minute...skits etc

Hi @support or any other user,

I have set up a bookmark using a tag search for all my Bandcamp purchases.

I would however, like to remove any tracks from that bookmark that are less than perhaps a minute long and more than 6 minutes long.

If I have the bookmark on shuffle play I dont really want to be hearing skit tracks and really long tracks.

Is there anyway to do what I’m looking for?

Many Thanks


If you’re tagging the albums and then shuffling them all, you’re going to get all the songs from those albums, so there’s no automatic way to do what you want here.

You could tag tracks instead of albums, and which would allow you more granular control of exactly what tracks are included in the tag.

If you want to try this, it’s a pretty quick experiment:

  • Go to the tracks browser
  • Choose the Bandcamp tag
  • Sort tracks by length
  • Select the tracks in the range you want included
  • Tag those tracks as something like Bandcamp2
  • Shuffle the new tag

Hope that helps!

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That solution works great.

Thanks so much.