Tracks skipping after about 30 seconds (from TIDAL)

I am having the same as well. Using a Matrix Mini iPro 3 model here. Playing the same album (Purple Rain Deluxe Edition). For the past 4 days this issue on the Roon application (desktop version) will play a track and then either the 2nd or 3rd track will play for 15-30 seconds and abruptly skip to the next track This is repeated across all music (tracks, playlists, etc.). I’ve played the above album and another today directly from Tidal and to the Matrix unit and plays fine with no skip thru tracks at all. The cache was cleared on both applications yesterday. This definitely reflects the problem is 100% on the Roon application side of things. I don’t know if there is a ticket system to track these issues so just adding onto yours

  • Network: Araknis Gigabit ethernet router and switches
  • Server: Roon Nucleus
  • Software: running on current Mac OS version
  • Player: Matrix mini-iPro 3
  • Streaming Service: Tidal HiFi

Checking in here too as well. Haven’t seen any update. For about 3 weeks mine worked fine but today it started skipping tracks in playback after 30 seconds or so. There were no settings changes and cleared cache on connected Tidal service. Not sure who or how they monitor these issues

Hey @Greg_Heard,

I’m so glad you kept us updated as things unfolded. We’re so very sorry about the trouble!

There was one known issue with streaming from TIDAL that caused skipping and, rebooting twice in a row should help with this:

If that doesn’t help, would you please share the information below?

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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I have had the same issue over the last week. I have a Tidal account (Hifi premium) along with Roon Nucleus. About every 3rd or 4th track played thru Roon will start for about 30-45 seconds. It will then skip to the next track with no prompt or anything. Need assistance!

Mine is also played on a Matrix Audio device - mini iPro 3

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