Tracks Skipping and Stopping

Core is on a new iMac
3GHz 6 core Intel Cire i5
16 GB Memory
Mac OS 10.15.4

Core is connected to network via wifi
Project Stream Box S2 Ultra is connected via ethernet
Nain DAC-V1 is connected to Stream Box via USB.
Set up us used mainly to stream tidal.

Tidal tracks are stopping mid way and also skipping tracks. Stored tracks on iTunes seem ok. I dont have any problems running tidal through Volumio on the Stream Box.

Any help on this will be much appreciated.


Connect the Mac via a cable.

Unfortunately that is not possible at the moment - too much cabling involved.

What make and model is your router.

Roon streams differently to native Tidal etc as the roon core unpacks the files in the server and sends them as full pcm rather than compressed flac or aac for the the end device to unpack.
That’s why Roon recommends that the server is wired.

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Thanks Ged, it is an Asus AC1200

Hello @Weng_Tay, thanks for the information here and welcome to the community! Are you able to get better playback by playing to system output of your iMac? What if you lower the streaming quality under Settings > Services > TIDAL? Try lowering it to CD quality and see if that makes a difference.

I have connected with ethernet cable and that seems to work although after about 10 tracks, it was still stopping mid track and skipping to the next track. It was playing CD quality at that time. I have not tried directly out of the iMAc as the listening is in another room. Will let you know if it persists.

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