Tracks slow to load in Roon from Tidal

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Windows 2007 Professional
Roon version 1.6(build 416) stable(64bit)

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)


Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Core machine connected by USB to OPPO205 rear USB port

Description Of Issue

Tidal is really slow within Roon when changing from 1 track to another, yet when I forget Roon and just log into Tidal on my desktop it’s fast changing from Track to Track so it’s getting more that I want to use Roon less and less and I don’t think I will go for the subscription when my trial period ends unless this can be fixed.

I have rebooted Tidal ie signed in/out and done the same with Roon but it’s on average taking between 7-15seconds to load tracks when going from one track to another where as just in the Tidal desktop and not going through Roon takes on average 1 second

Hi @Michael_McCann,

As noted in our Networking Guide, we recommend using an Ethernet connection whenever possible. If you connect the Core machine to the network via Ethernet is there any change?

No it’s exactly the same and I have Virgin high speed so my internet is very fast

I think this a limitation within Roon loading tracks it seems on average around 7 seconds to load each track but in the Tidal app to go from one track to another is instantaneous.
So I have to say why bother with Roon yes it looks cool showing the signal path etc but I want access to my music not fancy purple and blue lights.
Tidal does the same thing within its own app it tells you if it’s HIFI Or Master your playing so I can’t see the justification in having a Roon subscription if it’s going to slow my listening experience

Hi @Michael_McCann,

Is local content playing okay?

If you play to System Output instead of playing to the Oppo is there any change?

I just switched over from the Oppo to system output and still on average around 7-10 seconds to load a song in Tidal through Roon so I definitely think this seems to be a flaw in Roon not Tidal or the outputs

Hi @Michael_McCann,

Can you confirm what your network download speeds are?

In the past, we’ve seen that Google DNS can help with this type of issue. If you use Google DNS is there any improvement?

And this delay in playing music is especially frustrating if your searching for music content and want to just listen to snippets of the song before deciding to save the song to a playlist.
On another note if you let the song play and it goes automatically to the next track it’s seemless and it’s ok.
It’s when you manually go from one track to another there’s the 7/15 seconds delay

This will not be the issue as the speed I am already getting is over 100mgb

My speed is very fast so that’s not the issue


Thanks for confirming the speeds here, @Michael_McCann.

Have you tried using Google DNS as mentioned above?

I don’t know how to do the google dns ? What and where do I change ?

Hi @Michael_McCann,

There’s some more information about this at this link:

This can typically be done in your router’s settings. You’ll want to set DNS to and then reboot your Core and router and re-test with these new DNS settings. We’ve seen reports that Google DNS can improve TIDAL performance, so this would definitely be a good thing to test.

Ok I will try this and report back and thank you for the quick response

Done this absolutely no different in fact worse now 25-35 seconds to load songs

I have the same problem and have decided to live with it. My main problem is sometimes loading up a new album takes forever. I mitigate this by queuing the next album ahead of time. I have had ethernet cables pulled and changed DNS to no avail.

Hi James
Yes other than this it’s a good application but playing tidal tracks on my desktop does not take more than 1 second to load even to go from normal tracks to MQA tracks it’s seemless with the exact same audio quality as Roon as it’s going through my Dacs on the OPPO205.
So I am going to pay Roon to worsen the experience ? this I can’t live with unless they do something

The only reason I paid for a year of Roon is to get the music from Tidal and Qobuz to my Oppo 203. Roon is the only way I have found to do it other than buying some expensive streaming device.

The problem might have to do with our routers. I don’t have these delays when using my iPhone hotspot as internet source. Regardless, Tidal and Qobuz are not the problem as they are quick without Roon.

Hi @Michael_McCann,

Moving forward, I’d like to enable some diagnostics on your account. First I was hoping you could do the following:

  1. Start playback of a track
  2. Make a note of the track being played, what time you start playback, and how long it takes to start
  3. Do the above 3 times

Respond here with the 3 tracks, the time that you started each track, and how long each track took to start. With this information we can enable diagnostics and take a look at what was happening durring that timeframe.


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