Tracks sometimes don't show the playlist they're in

When I add a track to a playlist, the track in the album listing generally shows the playlists it’s in. But not always. I just noticed some tracks in a playlist don’t list the playlist. I went through the playlist and about 2/3 of the tracks show they are in the playlist and about 1/3 don’t. Bug?

I’m running 1.6 BTW.

Hello @Steven_Beckhardt,

Can you please post some screenshots as examples? You can use these instructions to upload a screenshot to community.


Sure, the track in question is "Girl’s Going out of Her Head (2019 version). The playlist is “Bass test Tracks”. Playlist listing:

Album listing:

OTOH, an example where things are working properly. From the same playlist the two tracks from the “Wrecking Ball” album show that they are in the playlist:

Actually, I think the key to reproducing this is where the track is added to the playlist from. If you add the track to the playlist from the album listing, it works correctly. If you add it from the queue, for example, it doesn’t. I’ve tried this twice and that seems to reproduce it.

Hi @Steven_Beckhardt,

Please accept our apologies for the delay here. I just wanted to reach out and let you know that we’ve passed your report along to the technical team for further investigation. We appreciate the report!

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Hi @Steven_Beckhardt,

I spoke with the team about this, and upon review of your report, it looks like the reason the playlist link isn’t showing is because the album you’re viewing isn’t in your library.

Looking at screenshot two, notice that you also don’t have the hearts showing to “favorite” a track.

TIDAL albums exist in multiple forms in Roon: in your library and not in your library. Depending on how you navigate to the album you’ll see the album in different forms.

If you go to the Album browser and locate the first album there do you see the playlist links?