Tracks split between albums so I have multiple copies of same album

I have search here on Support and read the Knowledge Base about merging tracks and albums but I must be missing a step because I simply cannot merge some of the albums in my library that are appearing more than once, with various groupings of the album tracks in each. For example, my Roon Albums list shows 3 copies of Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. One copy has track 1 in it and that is all. Another copy has tracks 2-8. And a third copy has tracks 9 and 10. I cannot get all 10 tracks correctly merged into one album. This has happened with at least a dozen of my albums. The procedure outlined in the Knowledge Base where you select the missing tracks option does not merge the tracks. Please advise.

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Odd that merge tracks is not working.
You could look at the metadata tags in the files with a tag editor to make sure they are consistent with each other.
Typically once aligned, Roon does a good job.

Hi Sarah,

Is this what you read?

Once you right clicked (or long pressed) and selected the 3 “albums”, clicked Edit at the top right of the screen and then Merge, could you post a screenshot of the Edit Track Grouping window?

Cheers, Greg

Thank you Greg–I was missing a step in the Merge Albums process. Your link gave me a visual step by step and I successfully merged several of my split albums.