Tracks taking forever to load


Hi, I am having problems with getting Roon to play as tracks are taking a long time to load.

My set up is

Running Roon Server v1.5 Build 354 Stable 64 bit QPKG-Version : 2018-06-14
On a QNAP TVS-682 8gb memory i3-7100 CPU@3.90ghz
Music stored on QNAP NAS 119034 tracks and played through Apple devices iPhone, iMac, iPad etc
Router BT Smart Hub with BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, all latest firmware
Using Tidal UK hi-fi

I recently added the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi so am wondering if that has caused the problem, although I have difficulty with loading tracks before

Hope you can help


Thanks for sharing your report with us, @John_Warrington!

Can you describe your network topology for me a bit? How are devices connected (WiFi/Ethernet) and what are they connected to? Are there any switches involved?

Does this behavior occur with all content? Both TIDAL and local media? All file types?

If you have an endpoint you can connect directly to the Core machine do you have any issues playing this content?


Thanks for responding Dylan

Devices are connected by Wi-Fi directly to the router or the BT Whole Home system. No switches as far as I know
Behaviour occurs with all content not just Tidal and all file types including MP3
Not sure how to connect an endpoint to my QNAP?

I’ve also noticed that if I click on a track to play then the track name appears in the play banner but just doesn’t load, and if I click play for an album nothing happens at all

Dylan, just to add Tidal service seems to be stuck on ‘syncing library now’, and I also restored a back up from a week ago which at least allowed me to play my own library tracks albeit loading slowly

Thank you for the information here, @John_Warrington!

Just to clarify the above — Was the issue worsened after adding the BT WiFi? How often were you seeing this issue before compared to now?

Are you able to connect the iMac to the network via Ethernet instead of WiFi? Is there any change when doing so?

I was having problems before but yes I think they worsened. Why would connecting the iMac make any difference? My Core is on the QNAP which is connected directly to my router?!?

By the way I’m getting nothing at all now

Hey @John_Warrington,

Above you mentioned you tracks are “played through Apple devices iPhone, iMac, iPad” — Just to confirm, this means you are playing audio to these devices, correct? And not just using them as a remote?

Having your endpoint (the iMac in this case) be connected via Ethernet will help to narrow down where the issue may be stemming from.


Hi Dylan

Yes I am playing audio to my devices

I connected the iMac directly to the router and yes it worked, so it must be a wi-fi problem?

Just reconnected everything back up and its now working again, albeit a slight delay. Bizarre!

Hey @John_Warrington,

I’m glad to know that this is working for you now!

Yes, it seems like there may have been some networking difficulties at play with the WiFi. If this issue returns I would suggest taking a look at the settings on the BT Whole Home WiFi device.