Tracks that were available are not. .unless I play it outside of library but still in Roon (Tidal & Qobuz)

So I have a noticed a few of my Favorited tracks are no showing as ‘unavailable’ in Roon even though they are available in Tidal. Additionally, if I remove the album from my library (via Tidal or Qobuz) and the just do a search on it in Roon it finds the albums and I can play them just fine. As soon as I add them back to my library they immediately go to ‘unavailable’.

The two I noticed are Worlds by Aaron Goldberg and “And If” by Anat Fort Trio. Clearly something weird going on with Roon if I can play it fine when not in my library but once in it is no longer available.

Update. . now noticed that some albums that I OWN on my NAS are showing up as not available.

Hi @Adam_Crafton1,

Let’s take a look at one specific example here to start:

Can you share a screenshot of what you see here?

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