Tracks unavailable normal or not?

Roon core running on Mac mini (Late 2012) 2.5 ghz Dual Core, 16GB RAM running Catalina connected to switch via ethernet.

Roon remote player is usually a MacBook Pro (Mid 2014) 2.6 ghz dual core i5 with 8 GB RAM connected via wifi

Files are stored on a Drobo 52N NAS connected to switch via ethernet

Switches are Linksys as you can see everything is connected via ethernet except the remote control/player connected via wifi. Wifi in the house is a three unit EERO Pro system.

Renderer is an microRendu with linear power supply connected via ethernet outputting usb to a P.S. Audio Directstream > Janus Aesthetix > ARC GS150 > Magnepan 20.7 speakers.

Description Of Issue

In classical music on Qobuz I’m running across multi-movement works of classical music which (for example) have 2 movements “available” and 2 “not available.” I’m wondering is this is normal? Can you check and see if its a rights issue or if I’m having (again) a problem with Qobuz syncing properly? Thoughts?

Hi Paul,

I checked it out on the Qobuz App and this is what I see.

For some reason, it looks as though the artist only offers samples of the unavailable tracks.

Cheers, Greg

Thank you so much.

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