Tracks without ability to maintain composition

2 years since I opened this topic. Adding the 11 months from BrianW’s post, we’re at around three years now on this topic. roon is telling me that it is with the QA team, but, sorry, is there only one person working on part time?

I have been in IT development for more than 30 years and I can assure you that the companies I was working for would never have accepted such behavior. If it is a bug, ok, please fix it. If the developers cannot find it, state it. If it is a deficiency with roon, please state it. But, please do not tell me that no one is being ignored if you are behaving like this.

Sorry for the harsh words, but I feel a being fooled here…

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I have the same problem with classical music. Identifying the album the track loses the composition feature. If I unidentify the album i have it.

Reading the threads i have looked in musicbrainz database. There it is described perfectly

It is not understandable why roon isn’t able to identify this album. Trying to use file metadata for the track doesn’t do anything.

So the question remains open and I wonder why roon doesn’t answer

quote from this thread.

Because the bigger fish to fry is to get more customers… They don’t care about the existing ones having issues…

@Axel_Schmitz-Tewes , actually, Roon has IDed the album shown in your post. See the phrase “52 minutes”? Instead, it would be Unidentified.

Also, the compositions seem to be IDed. Note the dates following the titles and disc icons.

Or perhaps I don’t understand.

That’s a bit harsh Ralf. They know that their customers can easily turn into ex-customers next month. Its user base is growing exponentially, and the software, for the vast majority of users, is rock-solid, if not 100% perfect.

With a employee count of around 50, Roon must constantly balance the deployment of resources against corporate benefit, i.e., profits.

Cut them a little slack.