Tragic! DB inaccuracy

So I launched the ol’ Roon ware and click-a-tated to fav band snuggled in my library and was shocked!! And I say again “SHOCKED”! Let me explain. I grew up in the desert west of Phoenix and a lot of my bands are, because you need labels these days, are :generator party: stoner rock, I-10 West (Kyuss, Masters Of Reality, Desert Sessions, etc…) kinds of bands - bands whose sound spawned culture (or a reverse of that). Fu Machu is one those bands. Yeah, I love that band. A lot. Sooooo. Up comes the Roon generated page for Fu Machu and because your AI ( or where ever it came from) had decided that Brant Bjork = Björk I see:

How can this be! Soooo wrong! How is it that some icelandic kventröll (With all respect!) ends being associated with a low altitude Mohave desert band. That is as wrong as anything could be… Maybe this is, I guess, in some way, an anonymous cool, because most desert trolls I know would dig Björk, but, still, vis-a-vis, with the world, in all it’s confusion, linking Fu Machu to Björk makes any sense???

I say Never!!


Whatever, that ■■■■ still made me cry…

Why not post under metadata issues? It’s a simple equivalence error: Brad Bjork referred to as Bjork in the AMG text.

Hey @chris_barney,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As always, we appreciate the heads up and your assistance.

We’re brainstorming a bunch of ideas for improving our tracking and workflows with customer metadata reports. In researching some of these we’ve noticed that Allmusic is occasionally the origin of bad metadata, especially where it involves curious outliers being lumped in with well known bands. As seen here with Brant Bjork mapping to Björk. I’m a big Fu Manchu fan as well, mostly dig the earlier stuff, my favorite being their epic Godzilla EP

I was wondering if you’d be keen to click the Submit Correction link on The Action is Go page to notify them of the Björk mistake.

We’re interested to see if:

  1. They respond to your correction submission
  2. They fix the incorrect credit
  3. How long it takes them to do so

We plan to follow up with them to submit an additional report. If you’d prefer not to bother with this that’s fine too, lets us know either way. Thanks!

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